Ghost Lab is a mechanical and visual design studio with an interest in the development of new products and brands. We believe that curiosity, prototyping, and storytelling improves design—and better design improves life.

David Ofori-Amoah

David is a designer, mechanical engineer, and strategist who focuses on understanding and improving the experiences people have with physical products, processes and interfaces. With experience across industries, David’s work often results in proprietary products, engaging storytelling devices, and tools that help people think differently.

David holds a Masters of Design Degree from IIT’s Institute of Design, and a degree in Mechanical Engineering from The Illinois Institute of Technology, where he now teaches interdisciplinary design courses.

Edwin Lee

Edwin has over a decade of experience functioning as a visual designer for leaders in Telecommunication, Consumer Electronics, Packaged Goods, Public Health, and Government Defense. The outcome of these experiences have helped translate human behavior into design decisions, shaped new product categories, and built brands that reflect the ambitions and values of the organization it stands behind.

Edwin thrives when working in multi-disciplinary teams and is equally skilled operating as an independent designer. He is confident working alongside senior leadership and mentoring creative teams.